GYB Board

The GYB Executive Board and Board of Directors is made up of volunteers that donate their time to help keep the league functioning. Some of the duties that they provide include overseeing the league, organizing all of the teams and information, preparing the fields for the season, filing the proper paperwork with the proper agencies, website and social media maintaining, promotions, attending meetings, handling uniform orders, managing equipment, working concession stands and much more. They don’t do it for personal gain or glory and their reasons for involvement vary. Whether it’s for a sense of community or paying back those that did it before them, there is a common theme among them: they are happy to do it for the kids that love this game.

Thank you to these individuals for their commitment, time, and dedication!


Executive Board


Brook Lowe


Tony Aranda

Vice President

Veronica Halley



Erinn Hecht

Business and Communications Coordinator


Gina Smith



Kyle Hecht

Insurance Coordinator

Kayla Lowe


Omar Gonzalez

Umpire In Chief

Chris Ray

Major Player Agent

Phil Drozd

Minor Player Agent

Jen Kovera

Minor Player Agent

Sean Case

Rookie Player Agent

Natalie Halley

Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator

Danielle Kenney

Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator

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