2021 Season Safety Guidelines

Griffith Youth Baseball will be implementing the following safety measures. We thank you all for your patience and cooperation while we strive to keep our players and families safe.

Please respect the fields and each other! Please throw all garbage in the proper trash cans or take with you if no receptacle is available.


Social Distancing and Safety Measures



If you feel sick, please stay home! Please remember to maintain social distancing, wear masks, and wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer. Masks will be required around our fields.



At Central Park fields: all bleachers are FOR PLAYERS ONLY. These will be used for the current team(s) playing the current game to keep numbers to a minimum in the dug out.

At St. Mary’s fields: players not on the field (players on the team that is up to bat) will sit with their parents along the outside of the field until it is their turn to bat.

Signage will be placed throughout the park for social distancing.

Areas will be deep cleaned before play resumes.


Players and Coaches:

All managers and coaches must wear a mask when social distancing with players is not possible; such as when helping a player with batting, etc.

No hand shakes after the game. No high fives.

No sharing equipment or beverage containers. Please make sure your player’s name is on everything.

No sunflower seeds at any of the fields.

Please exit the field and bleacher areas immediately after your game so the next team can move into the space.


Parents and other Viewers:

Spectators will need to bring their own chairs for viewing the game and are encouraged to maintain social distancing. There will be no outfield signage so fans can watch games from all the way around the field.

Please exit the field and viewing/bleacher areas immediately after your game so the next team and spectators can move into the space.


Game Play:

Games will have a specific time limit that will give plenty of time for separation of the teams in and out of the dug out.

Dugouts will be cleaned between games.

Disinfectant spray will be utilized for catcher’s equipment.

The number of players on a team will be as low as possible.



Masks are required for everyone in the concessions stand areas. This includes workers and those making concession stand purchases.

Only packaged food will be served. Hot food will not be available.

Concessions stand interiors will be deep cleaned before play resumes.


Any concerns or questions not addressed here can be discussed with your division manager or the GYB board.


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