Griffith Youth Baseball Sponsorship

Our league would not be able to run if it wasn’t for the support of our local businesses! Sponsorships from businesses (and individuals) in our community help us continue to offer youth sports to many children in Griffith and surrounding towns year after year. Any contributions you make DOES make a big difference and is GREATLY appreciated by our league and our community!

We are so thankful for all of our amazing sponsors this year! Our shirt and team sponsors are currently full but we still have plenty of other opportunities (and space for signs!) if you’d like to help support our league!

HOME RUN - $250 - Unavailable

Sponsor a team and get great, year-long advertising space! You’ll get your business name on the back of a team’s shirts (which is worn by many players all year), your company name/logo linked up on our website and Facebook page, and a plaque with the team name and picture to hang in your business.

MAJOR MVP - $250

This sponsorship level offers signage in a prime location on our Major field fence. Your sign will feature your business name or logo for the entire season and will be visible to everyone visiting the field, Central park patrons, and those driving down Pine Street. You’ll also get your company name/logo linked up on our website and Facebook page.


The Bases Loaded sponsorship level features premier spots for your business advertising with signage at our Babe Ruth field. These signs will be seen by park patrons, GYB families, and many visiting leagues with close-up visibility right on our dugouts! This is a great opportunity to share more information and details about your business since this location allows more space for you to spread your message! Your company name or logo will also be shared on our website and facebook page!

GRAND SLAM - $450 - Unavailable

This level gets you great visibility and lets you show some great pride and support for our league! With this sponsorship level, you’ll get your business name on the back of a team’s shirts, the team plaque, a sign on our Major field fence, and the online shout out for your company name/logo.

HALL OF FAME - $700 - Unavailable

With this level, your business will get the most visibility! Your company will be featured on shirts for two teams (of different divisions if possible), you’ll get a sign on our major field, the website and Facebook page link for your logo/website, your logo included in league emails as a sponsor and your logo on our league banner which can be found at our registrations, our parades, and many other league functions!

GOLD GLOVE - $1000

Sponsor our concessions stand! Your company logo will be featured on our menu board located inside our Major field concessions stand and on all of our menus outside of the building. Your support will be seen by our players and our parents while waiting for their ballpark snacks, along with park patrons that frequently pass by or stop for a drink or bite to eat. Your logo will also be on our website menu, linked up on our website and Facebook page, included in league emails as a top sponsor, and featured on our league banner.


Please fill out the form and then continue with your PayPal payment on the next page.

Please send us your logo right away for posting on our Facebook page and website. If you do not have a logo, please let us know so we can use your company name.

For Sign Sponsorships: If we will design your sign, please send us your logo no later than March 10th if you would like it shown on your sign. If you will be sending your sign artwork, please email the print-ready file to no later than March 10th. Please contact us for size specifications. If no artwork or logo is submitted by this date, your company name will be used on field signage.

If you would like to provide your sponsorship on paper, please click here for a PDF of our Sponsorship Form. Forms can be mailed to GYB P.O. Box 701 Griffith, Indiana 46319. Payment can be made by check or by using the form on the right to pay with PayPal.

Sign Requirements (Only applicable for Sign Sponsorships)

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