Coaches Code of Conduct


  1. I will concentrate on player development and the well-being of my players instead of a win/loss record.
  2. I will lead by example and bring respect and good sportsmanship to all events, practices, games, etc.
  3. I will read the Babe Ruth League, Inc rulebook to know what is expected for my division’s play and teach these rules to my players.
  4. I will make sure to always provide the safest conditions possible for my players when it comes to the field, other players, and parents.
  5. I will be respectful of the opposing teams and make sure my players do the same.
  6. I will always show respect toward umpires and my players will do the same. If I question a call, I will discuss this with them in a calm manner.
  7. I will contribute to field maintenance and treat equipment and facilities with respect.
  8. I will be mindful of player ability and always work to enhance these abilities. I will be aware of my players as individuals as well as a team and know that each one is different emotionally and physically.
  9. I will maintain order of the parents of my players and handle issues if they arise and discuss these issues with the Division Manager and/or Board of Directors.
  10. I will make sure my helpers follow this same Code of Conduct.
  11. I will do my best to provide an enjoyable experience for all of my players.

Coach Code of Conduct Agreement

Code of Conduct Agreement

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