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Does my child have to live in Griffith to play?

No! GYB has open borders! That means you can live in Griffith OR any other town.

What are the age requirements?

GYB is currently open to kids ages 4-16. We follow Cal Ripkin’s rules when it comes to age so please view our age chart page to see if your child meets the requirements. If we receive enough interest from older kids, we will try to form a 16-18 year old division.

What will my child need to have in order to play?

All of our players need to have:

  • baseball glove
  • bat*
  • helmet (face masks are suggested but not required)
  • molded (rubber) cleats**
  • hat and pants for practices (before uniforms are in)
  • and ALL boys are required to wear an athletic cup in order to play

While we suggest that players have their own helmets and bats, the league has some new bats and helmets that can be used by players if they don’t have their own. Team Managers will have these available to be shared among their team’s players.

Once games begin, you will need socks and pants to complete your child’s uniform (we provide a jersey and hat). The color and style will be determined by your team Manager so please wait to get these until after our team meetings are held. It is important to attend the team meeting to make sure you have this (and other important) information. Hats and pants must be worn at all times on the field so you will need to make sure they have these for practices before uniforms are in.

*Please make sure your bat is age appropriate and meets Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth League requirements. All bats must have a USA stamp and follow certain rules. You can find approved bats and more information here: https://www.griffithyouthbaseball.org/batinformation. Babe Ruth League routinely has new bat rules so please make sure check their website by clicking here before purchasing your own bat.

** T-ball players can wear either cleats or tennis shoes. Babe Ruth can wear molded or spikes.

What division will my child be in?

Divisions are based primarily on age: T-ball is approx 4-6, Rookie is approx 6-8, Minor is approx 8-10, Major is 10-12, and Babe Ruth is 13-16. There are, of course, special circumstances for everything so if you’re unsure of where your child falls, please speak to a board member.

6 year old players can move into the Rookie division if they have played at least one year of T-ball. 8 year olds can move up to the Minor division if they have played at least one year of Rookie.

What documents are required?

For Players: We need to see a valid birth certificate (first time players only).

For Parents: We require a volunteer form to be filled out if you will be helping on the field.

For Managers/Coaches: We need you to fill out the Coach Registration form, perform a background check, and go through abuse prevention training. We’ll provide details for the last two after you’re registered.

For Team Parents: We need a volunteer form filled out here: https://www.griffithyouthbaseball.org/volunteer

How do I find out what team my child is on?

We will place players after our registrations are over. You’ll need to have the SportsEngine App installed on your phone and that’s where you’ll see your team and other important league information such as team meetings, dates, etc. Find more about the App and download links here: https://www.griffithyouthbaseball.org/se.


When are my child's practice days?

Your practice days will be set by your team’s Manager so you will receive this information from him/her. These are usually determined during team meetings so please make sure to attend this meeting.

When are my child's game days?

Game schedules will be set around mid-April and inputted into the SportsEngine App. Wednesdays are left open for makeup days and we don’t currently schedule anything on Sundays.

What is procedure for rain outs and canceled games?

We only cancel games if the fields aren’t usable or if weather is a safety concern. Fields are usually only not playable when there is a lot of rain with no relief. If games are canceled, we will always do our best to get them rescheduled. Your coach will notify you of any canceled games and you can also find the most up-to-date information on our Facebook page.

Can I get access to a rulebook?

You sure can! Please ask a board member if there are any physical books available. If not, you can access the lastest rule changes on the Babe Ruth League website: https://baberuthleague.org.

How many games and practices are there?

Practices will be determined by your team Manager. Games will be set by the board and will be determined by division. Players can have anywhere between 2-3 practices a week until games begin, depending on division. Older kids can handle more so your coach will decide what is best for the team. Once games have started, there may be less practice days, again, depending on division. Please make sure to attend your team meeting to find out this information


How do I register?

You can register online 24/7 until sign ups are over. You can visit us at our in-person dates for cash payments or payment plans. Please view our latest news or follow our Facebook page for location dates and times.

What is the cost for my child to play?

Please view our latest news or registration page to find information regarding current league registration fees.

How can I make a payment?

You can make a payment in person (cash, check, or charge) to an executive board member or by credit card on our website. Please contact us for the best method for your specific situation. It is very important to include your child’s name and what your payment is for in order for it to be applied properly. If you do not include this information, we cannot guarantee that this payment will be reflected towards your account.

Can I set up a payment plan?

We are able to set up payment plans if done before our last day of registration. You’ll need to come to one of our in-person registrations and speak to our league Treasurer to make arrangements. A deposit is required.

What does my registration fee go towards?

Running a league costs quite a bit of money. Your registration fees and any sponsor donations go towards all the costs of having a league. These include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Field Maintenance and Equipment
  • Uniforms
  • Concessions Food and Equipment
  • Charters and Insurance
  • Field Rentals and Utilities
  • Umpire Fees
  • Misc Expenses (such as field signs, office supplies, trophies, licenses, port-a-potties, etc.)

Please attend our board meetings for information regarding league financials.


I'd like to volunteer. What do I do?

Thank you! We need all the help we can get! Your first step is to fill our a volunteer form. After we receive it and run a background check, we’ll discuss with you what you’re interested in doing. Jobs that are great for volunteers are: board members, concession stand help, field maintenance, Manager/coaching, team parent and pretty much anything else you think we may need! Your help is what keeps our league going! Managers, coaches, and board members must complete requirements through our Babe Ruth League system. Please contact us for more information.

Is the league insured?

Absolutely. We are required to carry both accident and liability insurance and we get our insurance through Cal Ripkin and Babe Ruth so you can be sure we’re covered.

Is my child required to participate in the fundraiser?

Yes. We rely on fundraiser funds to help keep our league running properly due to costs throughout the season. Participation is mandatory to ensure that all players are treated fairly and everyone does their part to make sure we can continue to provide youth baseball here in Griffith.

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