As the COVID-19 situation continues, we’re still monitoring things and want to provide you all with an update. Due to the school extending its closures and based on the recommendations set by the Governor, Babe Ruth, and Cal Ripken Headquarters, we’re still on hold for a bit for the start of our season. We will play, it will just be a little later than we expected.

Please know that we are still working behind the scenes on the upcoming season so when we get the word to proceed, we’ll be ready to go. In the coming weeks, you will be contacted regarding your team and any other initial information you need to be aware of. Please also follow our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

We will continue to put the safety of our kids and our community as a priority and will provide updates as needed. Please continue to do your part to stay safe, stay well, and stop the spread so we can get back to baseball!

The GYB Executive Board