GYB is happy to have the following people serve on the GYB Board!
  • President: Brook Lowe
  • Vice President/UIC: Omar Gonzalez
  • Secretary/Communications Coordinator: Erinn Hecht
  • Treasurer: Gina Smith
  • Safety Coordinator: Kyle Hecht
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Danielle Kenney
  • Rookie Field Manager: Joshua Kerr
  • Tball Field Manager: Brittney Wolak
  • Director: Kayla Lowe
  • Director: Phil Drozd
Thank you to all that volunteer their time and resources to our league! Without your dedication and support, this wouldn’t be possible.
We still have some open positions that need to be filled:
  • Minor Field Manager
  • Major Field Manager
  • Babe Ruth Field Manager