Important Team Meeting Information!

Team Meetings will be held in the Franklin Center Wellness Room on Tuesday through Friday. We’ll be going over important information for the season so a parent or guardian for each player is required to attend. Players are encouraged to come and meet their Manager and their team!

If meetings are going on when you arrive, please wait outside in the hall until the meeting before you has finished. We will do our best to end each meeting promptly.

*Tuesday 3/14*
T-Ball Wolters – 5:30pm
T-Ball Revis – 6pm
T-Ball Malabanan – 6:30pm
Minor Kerr – 7pm
Minor Michniewicz – 7:30pm
Babe Ruth Ray – 8pm

*Wednesday 3/15*
T-Ball Wilson – 5:30pm
Rookie Engel – 6pm
Minor Curtis – 6:30pm
Minor Mulligan – 7pm
Major Ramirez – 7:30pm
Babe Ruth Amos – 8pm

*Thursday 3/16*
T-Ball Claudio – 5:30pm
Rookie Vician – 6pm
Minor Weinbrecht – 6:30pm
Major Bridegroom – 7pm
Major Cline – 7:30pm
Babe Ruth Miraglia – 8pm

*Friday 3/17*
T-Ball Adams – 5pm
Rookie Adduci – 5:30pm

*Saturday 3/18*
Coaches Meeting – 9am